My broad experience gives me a unique advantage when it comes time to orchestrating the high production values demanded in today’s music.  

My strengths are in producing/recording live rhythm sections, and I am a fine mix engineer. I am a student of sound and am constantly working to raise my game in this area. 

If a live date isn’t the thing, we can create a brilliant track using overdubs. In this case, we can use your dollars to best advantage by hiring well-matched singers and instrumentalists from my roster.  

I have relationships within a community of the finest musicians in New York City, and I am familiar with studios/engineers there as well. From the mid-range to tip top.  

I love all kinds of sounds and styles… Should it sound earthy? Or does it need to be crisp, with a big, focused low end? More of a live approach?  

I am fluent in the language of written music and I’m comfortable arranging for combos and small string sections. I have also had years of experience working with musicians that don’t read, and am fine talking through stuff, or using demo refs, etc. Whatever it takes.  

I am an inventive drum programmer, with a unique approach to chopping loops and augmenting them with electronics and live percussion.  

I also have an interest in adventurous sound design and electronic music, and if the production calls for it, I can get plenty of “weird science” going on.  

My promise:   

•  Above all, I want you to love what you get, and I will do everything I can to make this happen for you. 



I am a versatile mix engineer, experienced with many styles of music. My room is stocked with primo gear and an accurate monitoring environment, always with an eye towards future development. In these days of remote production, I strive to be responsive and flexible in my approach. 

Please check out my new mix demo... Top five on the site-wide playlist...

...source material courtesy of Mix With the Masters.