Aah, gear... Where would we be without it?

...Every one of these pieces represents an extension in reach. An ability to achieve an effect with less difficulty, or one that is otherwise impossible.

• Accurate full-range monitoring environment

• Killer vintage mic selection including antique mics from Neumann, Telefunken and RCA

• Modern mics including Schoeps, Royer, Sennheiser and special custom items

• Outboard gear by API, Chandler, Great River, Neve, Alan Smart, etc.

• Pro Tools HDX with a full complement of plugins - an early adopter of Pro Tools, since 1994 and V 2.0!

• Maintains current Logic Pro X and Cubase

• Great selection of VI's and samples. 

• Unusual electronic instruments including a growing modular synth collection, and vintage analogue delights.

• Wide selection of effects pedals and sound design tools


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