Aah, Gear… Where would we be without it?  

Each of these pieces represents an extension in reach, making possible effects that were otherwise difficult or impossible to achieve…  

I am an early adopter of Pro Tools (1993 and Pro Tools 2.0!) and am currently running an HDX system. I also maintain updated DAW’s such as Digital Performer, Logic Pro X and Cubase.  

I have sizable sample libraries and a fine complement of soft synths.  

On the analog side, there are pieces by API, Chandler, Neve, Alan Smart, etc.  

Future development will incorporate more classic analog gear as well as increased io capacity and improved fidelity.  

Monitoring is by Focal.  

I have a wonderful microphone collection with classic Neumann, RCA, Schoeps, and some custom pieces.  

On the synth side, I have pursued an interest in modular synths and have some colorful pieces by Dave Smith Instruments, Sequential Circuits and Moog…  

I have quite the pedal collection, so as to permit all kinds of sonic mayhem when the fleet is in...